How to add custom post type with custom fields in Wordpress?

Though this is my first wordpress blog post, I am trying to help the beginner to create there own wordpress post type with custom fields.

So here we go-

1) First of all you will need to login to the admin section of the wordpress, i.e usually by typing in
2) Download the plugin for custom content type from here :
3) Extract and copy the folder into the directory situated at /wp-content/plugins/
4) Now go back to admin section and then Plugins, here you will see the list of plugins, find our new plugin and click on activate.
5) After activating the plugin go to its settings, here you can see the default post types that wordpress provides, additionally you can add your own post type by clicking on "Create Content type".
6) For adding custom fields you can click on the "Custom Fields" tab and add the fields there, while adding fields you can see at the bottom the Post types listed, you can select the post types to which you want the new field to get attached.
7) After this you can view the template structure for you new post type by clicking on the "View Sample Templates" with respect to the new post type created under the "Content Types" tab.

This is the simplest way to enable custom post types in wordpress, as I am a begginer, I have found this simple steps. If there are any other steps or a better way to create custom post types then please share your knowledge by commenting.

Thanks for reading!!!