How to disable drupal /node page

While developing drupal sites we may not need the drupal's default front page, i.e. /node

Even if we change the default frontpage for our drupal site, the /node page is still accessbile.

There are two ways to disable /node page 

1) Download this module Node Page Disable and follow procedures there.
2) Create a custom module and implement a hook_menu_alter and then disable the node menu. Follow the steps below to disable /node page manually in Drupal 7.
  a) Create a custom module, if this is your first time please go through the procedures specified here.
  b) Implement hook_menu_alter in your .module file.

c) Place the following code in the above implemented hook.

           $items['node']['access callback'] = FALSE;

  d) Flush the drupal cache and that it, you are done, now try to access /node, you should see access denied page.