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How to implement UNION with custom field through Drupal Database API

I had encountered a problem recently and want to share with you. There was a scenario where I wanted to implement UNION with custom fields for table1 and table2 to identify which records belongs to which table. Following is the solution for the same:

Problem : I want to fetch 45 results from a single table which will include search results as well as other remaining results to complete my 45 count.

  $filter = 'test';

Will Drupal be really scalable for my application or site?

We have seen many posts about asking whether drupal is perfect for my application or website. One thing I really want to tell that Drupal is suitable for any type of application or website. Usually people prefer Wordpress over Drupal for developing Blogging sites as Wordpress is fast and easy enough for Blogging sites which is true. Drupal is suitable for you only when your application needs scalability i.e. your application is going to grow in future.